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Must Have School Supplies For College

Must Have School Supplies For College

Hi guys! With the school year starting soon, I know everyone is doing their back-to-school shopping. It can be a big transition going from high school to college, and you’re probably unsure of what supplies you’ll actually use. Since college professors are more relaxed when it comes to your study methods and supplies, everything is really up to you. In this list I’ll be showing you supplies that I have found useful for note-taking and studying!


Some people use tote bags but I’ve found its easier to carry everything you need in a backpack. That way, you can bike with it on and not have to worry about putting too much weight on just one shoulder. I use the laptop  backpack from Vera Bradley (I have it in black) but I know a lot of people who like the backpacks from Northface  which have plenty of pockets for storage.

Pencil Case:

This is a must if you want to keep your backpack clean and organized. Plus, this way you’ll never be without something to take notes with in class. I use a Fivestar pencil bag but there are plenty of other cute ones at Target.


I prefer to take notes in pen so they don’t smudge (usually). But there are definitely times where its better to use pencils, like when you’re taking a test. Be sure to carry at least a couple with you so you’re always prepared.

Colored Pens:

Ok this is probably my top item on the list. Color-coding my notes is a must for me.What I typically do is take my notes in class with a black pen without worrying about how messy they look. Then, I rewrite them later and add in diagrams while I color-code. That way, I end up with neat and pretty notes, while I get a chance to study the material. My favorites are Papermate  ones!

Black Pens:

If you like to take your notes in pen I suggest stocking up. College was the first time where I have ever used up all the ink in a pen with all the notes I was taking.


I use highlighters mainly while reading textbooks so I can mark important sections. However, if you decide to use highlighters, don’t go overboard. If all the text is highlighted then it defeats the purpose.


I find it easier to use notebooks instead of lose leaf paper so that way I can keep all my papers for one class together. My favorite notebooks are from Fivestar because they have pockets in the front for lose papers and they come in a bunch of different colors and sizes.


While its great to have a notebook designated for each class, I’ve found its also nice to have a binder for each class. The system that I use is to clear out the notebook about every week and put the notes into organized tabs in the binder. This method makes sure the most current notes are with me in class and that past notes and papers are easy to find.


While there are plenty of flashcard websites and apps, I like going the traditional way. While those apps and sites are great for on the go and making sure you have all of your sets saved, its still beneficial to write out the terms on paper since you’ll be better able to remember them that way. I’ve also found its easier to stay engaged when I’m holding a physical card instead of scrolling through them on a screen.

Binder Clips:

Since I want to be able to reuse my binders, but I still want papers from past classes, I use large binder clips to hold them together. You could also use small binder clips to separate different units of a class.


While this might seem unnecessary, most classrooms are used for multiple classes so there aren’t any supplies kept in them except chalk or dry erase markers. It will make it easier on you to have your own that you can carry with you.

3 Hole Punch:

If you’re using binders then this is a must. Don’t worry about getting one of the huge ones that teachers use. They make small ones that can punch a couple of papers at a time that are inexpensive which you can carry with you.

What are your must have school supplies?

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