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How To Make College Move In Day Easier

How To Make College Move In Day Easier

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve all had a great summer and are now looking forward to starting school again. One of the more stressful parts of starting school for college students is move in day for obvious reasons. You wan to make sure you’ve packed everything, you need to find a way to make it fit in your car, and you need to have everything packed on time! To help you avoid some of this stress, I decided to create this guide which covers what you should do before moving in and also what you should do on the day of. I hope you enjoy!

Before move in day

  • Start with a list: Stores like Target or Bed Bath and Beyond usually have college packing checklists and there are also plenty that you can find on Pinterest. Try to pick a list that meets most of your needs that way you’ll only have to take off or add a few items. If you’re a freshman and you’re still doing dorm shopping, make a check mark by the items you have bought and once you’ve packed this item, cross it off completely. This will ensure that you buy everything you needed that you don’t forget things at home.
  • Use good containers: Plastic totes are great for things like bedding, towels, and shoes. Smaller organizers work well for toiletries and cosmetics and you can even use them to store  hese items in once you’re at school. For clothes its easiest to use suitcases and duffel bags the you probably already have.
  • Pack smart: Put similar items together like all pants in one bag and all shorts in another that way things are easier to organize when you’re unpacking. Its a good idea to put heavier items in stronger containers, that way you don’t have to worry about the box breaking while you’re trying to carry it. Also be sure to package breakable items with enough padding so they stay safe while getting to your dorm.
  • Don’t pack last minute: You’ll need to pack things that you use every day last which is ok since it shouldn’t be too much to worry about. However, don’t put off packing all of your items until the day before- you’ll want to give yourself enough time to pack so you aren’t stressed. The best items to start with are out-of-season clothes, school supplies, and dorm decor since those aren’t things you’ll be using day to day.

On move in day

  • Be patient: Some people will be rude or in a hurry and thats ok. You just need to worry about you and understand that this process will probably take longer than you thought. The building staff are probably overwhelmed so cut them some slack if they aren’t able to help you right away. Overall, just try to be kind and courteous.
  • Wear comfortable clothes: Don’t worry about looking nice- you’ll probably end up messy and sweaty by the end of the day so its just not worth it. Athletic wear is your best bet so you can move freely to lift and move items. Comfortable shoes are a must, especially if your building does have an elevator and you need to climb the stairs to your dorm.
  • Unpack large items first: Your life will be so much easier if you bring your largest items into the dorm first. If you’re bringing a carpet or rug you’ll need to lay that down before you bring anything else in. Other items you should bring in first are your mini fridge, futon, and other furniture pieces. Once these items are in place it will be easy to unpack the smaller things.
  • Let your parents help you: Don’t try to rush them on their trip home- you’ll need the extra hands and it also gives them a way to spend some time with you before saying goodbye. They can also bring home things that you decide you don’t want in your dorm and empty containers that you don’t have room for.

What move in day tips do you have?

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