A blog by a college girl, for college girls

About Me

Hi Everyone,

My name is Brenna and I am the creator of brennajw.com. As you probably saw in my tagline, this is a blog aimed at college girls. Instead of making this a niche blog, I chose to make it a lifestyle blog since that gives me more flexibility with topics I can cover. I like to consider myself a well-rounded person which means I have more experiences to share with you! Now I won’t pretend that I know it all- I just want to share my thoughts and information that I’ve learned. Part of my motivation for creating this blog was to use it as a way to network with other ambitious young women- so feel free to shoot me a message and follow me on Twitter and Instagram

Brennajw.com is unique not only because it is a lifestyle blog, but because it will serve as a resource on a wide variety of topics. I attend Michigan State University so I am able to offer advice specific to a Big Ten school. However, I am also dedicated student so I am able to cover topics like study tips that can apply to any college student. I am also a part of Greek Life which is something that many other college girls can connect with. Something I can offer which is different from most other college blogs is a section on mental health. Overall, I hope this blog will offer information that I hope other college girls will find valuable!

As far as topics that will be covered on this blog, here is a quick run-down:

  • Health and Beauty: This section will contain posts about fitness, healthy eating, health tips specifically for college girls, beauty routines, product recommendations, and beauty hacks
  • Greek Life: In this section I will cover rush, big-little, officer positions, balancing school and Greek Life, and my personal experiences with my own house
  • Student Life: Here I will give advice that can apply to any college student like study tips, roommate relations, dorm living, college classes
  • Michigan State Life: In this section there will be information on James Madison Residential College, campus living tips, and what makes MSU unique
  • Mental Health: This is the section where I will share tips on how to deal with mental illness in college, self care tips, and my own personal experiences

Now that you know more about my blog, here is a bit about me! I am currently a sophomore at MSU and I am a part of James Madison College (for those who don’t know, that is MSU’s residential college for political science) and I am planning on double-majoring in International Relations and Spanish. During the Summer I work as a lifeguard at my local swim club and I love coaching and teaching lessons to the kids. At school I spend most of my time either studying or participating in events with my sorority (Alpha Omicron Pi). Some of my favorite things include coffee, foreign pop music, Korean skincare products, and my amazing friends. This blog is my baby and I have out a lot of work into it, so I sincerely hope you enjoy your experience here!