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10 Reasons to be in a Sorority

10 Reasons to be in a Sorority

With the school year quickly approaching, you probably have a ton of things on your mind- making sure you’ve packed everything, getting your books, figuring out the logistics of moving in- its definitely a hectic time. But this is also one of the most exciting parts of the year. You get to start out fresh, make (yet another) attempt at being organized, and meet new people. There will be activities galore to sign up for, but how do you pick which ones to do? Well in this post I’ll show you ten reasons to be in a sorority and hopefully after reading it you’ll want to sign up for your school’s rush! If you do sign up for rush, be sure to check out my 2017 Rush Series which has posts on what to bring in your bagadvice from girls who have gone through rush, and my own personal story about embracing rejection. Well, now that we have that covered, on to why you should join a sorority!

1. You get 100+ sisters

This means 100+ people to hype up your selfies, help you with a tough class, show you around campus, and be there for you when you’re going through a hard time. Plus, with that many sisters, theres bound to be someone who wants to go on that late night run to B-dubs.

2. You get to go to fun events

In a sorority theres a ton of different events that you’ll get to go to and while it differs from school to school, theres usually a moms’ day and a dads’ day, a formal and a semi-formal (which you get to dress up for!) and some other more casual events like a date party and hayride.

3. There’s always something going on

Along with the events mentioned above, there are also plenty of other fun things planned and put on by the house that you’ll get to do like sisterhood events. There will also be events put on by other sororities and fraternities too that are always fun to go to.

4. There are so many philanthropy opportunities.

Almost every week there are fundraisers like dine-to-donates or events that different organizations on campus put on and many of them are put on by the Greek community. Each house has its own philanthropy that they focus on and host a few events each year to raise money. With all of the houses on campus doing this, there are tons of opportunities to donate time or money.

5. You get to meet new people

On weekends sororities will have mixers with different fraternities on campus which is a great way to branch out and meet people that you might not have ever talked to otherwise. Besides these mixers, you’ll get to know all the girls in your house plus girls you meet during rush. At fundraisers and other events you’ll get the chance to meet girls from other houses too!

6. You get to wear letters

Its a lot of fun getting to walk around campus and finding other people in the Greek community because they are wearing letters. Its also a source of pride for you because you get to represent an organization that will end up meaning a lot to you.

7. You’ll make lasting relationships

The bond that you make with your sisters is a unbreakable one that will definitely carry over into life after college. The girls you meet in your house will become some of your best friends and you’ll always be connected by your sorority.

8. There are so many networking opportunities

Whether its with girls from your chapter, or members and alums nationwide, having your sorority in common can lead to connections for interviews, internships, and even jobs. Plus, theres a good chance that there are girls in your house that want to go into the same field as you so you can learn from.

9. You get a big

A big is like a mix between your mom and your best friend. They’ll guide you through not only your sorority experience, but through your college life. Your big will be the person you look to for help with Greek life, any questions you have, and for love and support.

10. You get to live with your sisters

Most college campuses have it where each sorority has there own hose which some of the girls from the chapter live in. While each house has a different policy, you’ll get to spend at least one year living with all of your best friends!


There you have it! These are just 10 of the many reasons why you should consider joining a sorority- I sincerely hope you decide to rush this year!

Did this article make you interested in joining a sorority? If yore already in a sorority- what’s a reason you think girls should join a sorority?

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